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Melissa Jurasovich

Outdoor Family and Adventure Photographer 

You deserve this!

Melissa Jurasovich Photography offers this session at a reasonable rate because who doesn’t deserve to have their moment celebrated!?

 I completely understand that this type of photography is a necessity for those just starting in the professional world, so being comfortable and showcasing what you are all about and what you have to offer is my focus!


Many clients have approached me because they also enjoy hunting & don’t want all the photographic memories to be behind a selfie! Let me join the hunt while you glass hills, stalk bulls and celebrate big wins and walk of those losses. Never forget those moments again!

Let’s explore!

Get out from behind the selfie on your next family adventure and join the memories! I’ll join you hiking to your favorite rock or huckleberry patch to capture moments that are special to YOUR family! In Montana the Big Sky really is the limit! If you are hunting with your kids for the first time, climbing your favorite rock with your other half or fishing Lake Como every summer let me join you so you can join the memories.


I got sick of paying outrageous prices, per child for school photos, of one pose! So, I decided to start offering others affordable shots of their kiddos that we both fun and affordable! One senior took photos with his classic car, and another brought her violin!

Memories are suppose to remind us of who we were and what were were doing during that phase.... Let’s chat about how to capture those moments in time!

How It All Began

Family & adventure photographer

I was a substitute teacher in my home town in NM and many students could not afford much, much less extras, so I did what I could and grabbed my moms extra camera! That started my love for photography because I got to hear the stories behind the smiles! The triumphs and tribulations…

As I got older I found myself going on adventures with my family but I was in no memories, or if I was it was a selfie, and I didn’t want that for others! That sparked my drive to do outdoor adventure photography with families, doing what they love in the Montana mountains, in their comfort zones.  Sometimes that comfort zone is home, and those sessions sure do produce some gems! 

No matter the reason for gathering I will be there! Getting those special moments between the shots and taking you out from behind the selfie stick!



Didn't find what you are looking for? Please reach out! Have camera, will travel! I have done 80th birthday celebrations, styled shoots for updating a business website, shoots of a businesses product (cows!) etc. There is no weird request for photos in Montana! 

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